Best Bumper Scratch Removal Products

Love the show and first time user of community question feature. I have a Silver 2007 Pontiac G 6 Convertible (62,000 miles on it) with scratches on the front and rear bumpers that are noticeable when closely inspected. Wondered if anyone has found a product or remedy for scratch removal? They are of the swirling type approx 3-4 inches high and 5-6 inches wide across the bumper. Thanks, Solor1.

You can try Nu Finish Scratch Doctor.


The unkowns are if the scratches are just surface scratches in the clear coat or if they have gotten into the silver under the clear. If they are into the silver, a little carefully placed touch up paint followed by a coat of clear, then buffed out. If its just the clear it might be possible to buff them out with rubbing compound or over spray with clear and then polish.

The best would be to just take it to a detailer or body shop to have it evaluated and buffed and polished unless you are ready to tackle it yourself.

Thanks for the information.

I use Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax on my cars and it’s pretty good at removing surface scratches without having to worry about damaging the paint.