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Pacifica jumps forward

I have a 2005 Pacifica with 90K miles. For the past 2 months it feels like cylinders are “missing” (dating myself here and I know that’s no longer ‘correct enginograpy’ - but that’s the best way to describe it). It’s pretty subtle, but my husband has felt it as well (thank goodness, not just the crazy lady!). Maintenance is up to speed, fluids recently changed, new tires, etc. Had it checked 2x (reputable and not a chain), and both times the mechanic could not feel the skipping. Since then, on occasion, when you brake to a stop, the car jumps forward. Scary if you are close to another car. Also, on occasion, when backing up, it just dies - even when warmed up. The engine light works and has not come on. We are planning a 3000 mi. road trip in another month - do we take this car?

it sounds like a problem with the tansmission control computer. have that checked out before you go on this trip. also, even if there is no light, have the codes read to see if there are any stored in memory.

Thanks, will do that. For the first time today, it also started simply dying when I come to a stop. Not all the time though. It’s always a surprise!