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P1259 Code 2003 Base Acura RSX

Check engine light came on, used OBD2 reader and P1259 code showed up. “Variable Valve Timing Electric Control system Malfunction.” So I looked online and found out that the issue could be dirty Oil, or low oil. However, this can’t be the issue because I recently changed my oil about a month or so ago, and I checked the oil levels and everything there is fine. I also found that either the solenoid gasket or the oil pressure sensor on the vtec solenoid could have gone out, and a way to tell this is to look back where the solenoid is and see if there’s any oil leaking. When I checked, there were no leaks near the gasket seal or the oil pressure sensor, or anywhere near that area. Could the issue be the entire solenoid unit? I’m not sure which part to replace because none of them seem to have an issue, but the system is still throwing codes.

Here are the reasons that code can be caused.


And how many miles were on the old oil?
Do you get regular oil changes? How often?

regular oil changes every 3,000.