P1193 when stuck in snow? Kia amanti

2004 kia amanti.

For the past 2 years I’ve gotten the p1193 only ONCE during those times. It goes away after I drive a bit and don’t see it til next winter.

But i only get the code when I’m stuck in the snow. (Reversing, forward to get out of it). Is there a correlation here? I notice sometimes my rpm can drop below the normal if I shift gears and as soon as I start the car (Only on warm starts. Doesn’t happen on a fresh start for the day)

Would love some feed back thank you
-other codes I CONSTANTLY have, p0456, p0431. Idk if these correlate or not.

P1193 KIA - Electronic Throttle System Limp Home - Low RPM

You are stuck in the snow… likely the code is set because the car doesn’t see the wheels spinning in a way it understands so it throws this code. The drives wheels spin, differently side to side, and front to back so it throws the code.

If the light goes away, the problem went away. Problem solved, back to normal.

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