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Car bogged out, out of no where!? Misfire and rpm codes?

WTF would cause all these lights to come in ALL at once?! I warmed up my car for the first time this winter (defrosted the front and rear) and when I took off my car was bogging down. Felt like it wanted to shut off and then a HORRIBLE odor started coming from it when I took off. Almost hit a pole trying to pull in somewhere because the power steering went out. I restarted the car and everything was fine (lights were still on) was able to drive back perfectly. What just happened? 2004 Kia amanti

I cleared the codes and now i have none at all and the car is fine now? whats happening?

PS: I have a exhaust leak in the front of the car. and if worth mentioning, the P1614 and P1193 codes came FIRST, and then followed by the misfire codes.

Have you looked up what these codes mean?? The first 2 are electronic throttle control errors, the last 3 are misfire codes - general, cylinder 3 and 5.

I’d say your drive-by wire throttle body is about ready to die. OR the throttle body was cold and sticking or had ice frozen on it. The misfire codes are likely symptoms of the first 2. I’d keep an eye on it. If it comes back, the throttle body is failing, if it doesn’t, it was just cold.

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ok thanks. i also got a second opinion. some other people were saying, bad gas, the harness connected to the BCM and PCM bad, check the ac compressor till I turned on my defrost. Check the wiring and your belt, Power junction block. Pin damage. or fuel flooded the car.

do any of these sound relevant to the cause as well?

Possibly but don’t go looking for zebras when it is far more likely to find a horse.

Do you mean this is the first time you’ve had to turn the passenger compartment heat and defrost on this winter? If so, maybe there’s something been fermenting in the heating vents that got blown out when you turned it on, and that’s what was making the odor. Hopefully whatever that was is gone and the car is aired out now.

The misfire and rpm could possibly be related, due to a problem w/the AC compressor. That part isn’t used for heat, but is used for defrost mode. It’s possible for the AC compressor to fail in a way that loads down the engine so much it confuses the engine computer. If you’ve been using the AC all summer though, that guess seems unlikely. But something to consider anyway. If it happens again, see if turning the defrost function off helps, could be a clue.

More likely the cause is what MM above speculates, a throttle body problem of some sort. Gunk can cause the throttle valve to stick and the gunk may cause that more when it is colder.

Yup this is the first time i used defrost for the rear of the car. i just dont understand why that maybe the problem though considering that i turned it off BEFORE i took off. hopefully your right though maybe something by passed

Give it a little more time to see if further symptoms develop I guess. If you start to hear ominous noises which seem to from the AC compressor, turn off the AC and Defrost immediately and seek out a shop asap. You definitely don’t want bits of metal from a failing AC compressor to get into the rest of the AC system.

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