P1193 code out of no where? Car bogged down almost stalled

2004 Kia amanti Didn’t drive for two days. I start the car up and go to the first red light.

Then my car was bogging down really bad. The engine wouldn’t rev and the lights were starting to dim, not to mention my engine was shaking. Felt like a misfire that I’ve had before.

Turned it off then back on and everything seems fine now but I have the code p1193 stored(no CEL, just stored in OBD) What’s going on? (I think I smell gas too) I noticed the idle went pretty low before it happened as well

Update: restarted car one more time and code is no longer stored.

2004 Kia amanti
-Things to keep in mind:
-gas cap was kind of loose
-Smell of gas during the time
-Was very low on gas. (Gas light came on a few minutes after)
-i cleared OBD2 codes the 2 days prior.
-did not drive for 2 days straight

  • I had this code before but It was along with a misfire code (bad coil)

Have your battery and charging system checked. Make sure that both ends of both battery cables are cleaned. You have symptoms of low battery voltage in your system.

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I know for a fact I have a weak battery. Which would make sense in this case because if I have waited 3 days without driving, it probably wouldn’t start.

U sure this can absolutely be the case?

Simple , put a new battery in and if that solves the problem then happy days are here again.

The code looks to be a problem with the electric-throttle system. Drive by wire problem in other words. that’s sort of good news, b/c good chance there aren’t any major engine mechanical problems. If you know you have a weak battery, that’s the place to start. Modern cars are very reliable on all the systems having the proper power supply voltage at all time. Once you replace the battery, then you could do the basic voltage test: before first start of the day the battery voltage should measure about 12.6 volts. Immediately after starting the engine, 13.5-15.5 volts.