P0171 code, will it hurt engine soon?


My son came to his house and asked me to help some guys with a car problem on their 1996 Caravan. I took my scanner and checked their codes, which was P0171. Bank 1 System lean.

I looked at my Sienna shop manual, and it listed several things. No easy fix.

I erased the code, and told them it would probably come back on later. They are headed out for a 2300 mile drive. They asked if it would hurt the car, and I had no idea. I suppose eventually, but I don’t know how fast. They decided to go for it.

Any opinions on how fast lean burn will harm the motor? Since they are gone, this is only for my own learning.



I think it will be ok. Look for a intake or exhaust manifold air leak.


Also, try some fuel injection cleaner. It could be that a fuel injector is dirty, and not flowing properly.


Okay, thanks. My worry, which was mostly curiosity for future reference, was if they would wreck the motor on the way home, which is a long ways.

They had 2300 miles to do, sigh.

Thanks again for your advice.


im not completly sure, but i think youll be ok

“Anythings Fixable”