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P0012 code

I ,ve got a check engine light on and the code p0012 . I googled it and it is related to camshaft.
My car’s , kia forte 2009, performance is ok and every thing seems normal . Does this problem call for prompt action?

The engine may start to use more fuel, may become harder to start, may start to run rough, due to the camshaft being over retarded.

Make sure the oil level is at the proper level.

If it’s been a while since the oil/filter has been changed, dirty oil can cause this code.

The problem can be caused by the variable camshaft timing control valve being stuck.

The camshaft phaser being damaged/stuck in the retard position.

But start with the easy stuff first.


Thank you , I want to beleive its a dirty oil problem and will have the oil and filter changed.