2004 Ford E150 - Help with codes

 random misfire code's P0012; P2195 O2 sensor stuck lean

I have not been able to get this truck to run smooth. Check engine light is steady then start to flash. Any ideas

Most likely is the camshaft position sensor. The code is saying your timing is way off. And if the check engine light starts flashing you should stop driving the vehicle ASAP.

What engine do you have . . . ?!

The exact engine, please

There was at least 1 V-6 available, and at least 2 different V-8s

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Yes I would have to second what Mr @db4690 asked… we need to know the exact engine size you have here.

I dont see you listing any misfire codes as they would look like P03XX …

Without knowing the exact engine or the misfire codes… All codes actually… we cant really steer you anywhere.

At first blush I’d say you were having a VCT problem of some sort…the Variable Cam Timing Solenoid can get stuck or not operate properly (or its operating fine but the oil is so dirty it cannot flow where it should at the pressure it should)…especially if the engine’s oil has been neglected over time and is currently dirty or low in capacity.

We need more info if you want any kind of useful help.

I saw a post that stated replacing the CAM phaser will solve the issue. This may be the solenoid others here have referred to. Replacing the front o2 sensor on bank 1 may solve the other issue. Make sure the wiring to the sensor is okay first before replacing the sensor. Make sure there isn’t a ground fault on one of the lines.

I would suss out the cam phase issues first and foremost… as the misfires and the cam sensor issues may just fall under the umbrella of the cam phase problem…the other codes are most likely snowballing from the cam timing problem. Which hopefully is just a stuck solenoid, low oil…or even some gunk. But if this engine is oil service abused…it may not be so simple to solve by just replacing the solenoid.