P0010, p0013, p0443 Error Code

For whatever reason, it wouldn’t let me select my make and model when creating this topic. I have a 2014 ford fiesta titanium. These error codes popped up after a TCM recall replacement from the Ford Dealer. They told me it would go away after about 750 miles because the TCM has to relearn. Well it’s now about 1,000 to 1,500 miles later, and it still hasn’t gone away. I took it back to Ford, and they say it’s the transmission. I took it to my trusted local mechanic, and he says it seems to be the timing belt. He believes this is so because for one, my car is at 98,000. For two, he would erase the codes, and the codes would all pop back up at the same time. He said the timing belt is stretching out, which is preventing the VVT system from working properly, causing the 10 and 13 codes, which in turn is preventing the purge valve from operating correctly, causing the 443 code. I wanted to present this idea to a larger community to see what response I get.
In addition, here are all the fixes I have already attempted;

  1. Disconnecting battery hookups, and let sitting for X amount of time
  2. Connecting said hookups together with a jumper wire for X amount of time
  3. Turning car to ON, (not started) Shifting to N, turning car OFF, Shifting to P, Turning car to ON, waiting 15 seconds, then Starting.

None of the listed fixes were permanent; the codes would return within minutes. The best was one day.

Not sure if I missed anything.

It is time to replace the timing belt. Doubt that is the cause of the codes.


Thanks for the reply!

If I recall correctly 100,000 is the mark for timing belt replacement, but I still wonder about the error codes and what the cause is.

Which engine do you have? 1.0L 3-cyl Turbo, 1.6L 4-banger, 1.6L 4 banger turbo?

I have the 1.6 4banger, no Turbo.

It appears those codes are for two different issues, the first is a problem with both the intake and exhaust cam actuator circuits, part of the VVT system. The second is the purge valve circuit.

It seems unlikely either of these is related to a transmission or timing belt problem. If you want to take a guess on replacing something, might as well replace the timing belt as it is close to being due anyway I expect. And that’s cheaper to replace than the transmission. But the proper way to solve this is to ask the shop to follow the step by step service manual procedure for your car/engine to test the circuits and functions one by one. That involves measuring voltages and resistances at various test points as the circuits are manually activated to one state then the next using a Ford scan tool. My guess – just a guess mind you – is that there’s a problem with the recalled tcm install. Might not be the tcm itself, but possibly some other problem was introduced in the process.

While some p-codes are transmssion related, none of those three codes are related to the transmission as far as I can tell.

The purge valve is the easiest one to debug. Suggest to start w/that one. If your shop can’t figure that one out, find another shop. the purge valve is activated to cause gas fumes to move from the emissions canister into the engine at the appropriate times; i.e. during driving, not during idling. these are the primary inputs affecting the purge valve from what I can tell

  • engine coolant temperature sensor
  • cylinder head temperature sensor
  • intake air temperature sensor
  • mass airflow sensor
  • FTP sensor
  • vehicle speed sensor

Only the last one, the vehicle speed sensor, is related to the transmission.

The TCM recall I’m seeing isn’f for replacing the TCM, but for giving it a reprogramming. Did they actually replace the module?

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I appreciate the input, very informative and helpful. I will start with that and update this thread on the results.

Forgive me, I just noticed the part at the end where you asked about the recall;
Yes. They (the Ford Dealer) actually replaced the TCM. If I could remember where I left the report, I would post it. They wrote it down as completed with a note: “TCM RECALL - REPLACED TCM” and you can visibly see it in the engine bay because it’s nice and shiny. When the first rolls around I’ll have my mechanic check out what you suggested, and as I stated previously, I’ll update the thread.

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I know I’m late, and the thread is probably dead now but here’s the update (I forgot about it… my bad…) I bought all the sensors that I could find that relate to the codes, and replaced those. the 443 code went away, but after about 3 days the 10 and 13 codes came back. So I went ahead and had the timing belt changed at the end of last month. The remaining codes went away… for 3 days. When my trusted mechanic gets back from training (military) I’ll ask him if we can investigate the wiring and try to pinpoint a solution. Thank you guys for your input, I really appreciate it. Have a good one.

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