Pontiac Vibe ECM recall

Has anyone else had their ECM/PCM replaced under this safety recall? My check engine light has been turning on and off and reports the code P0741. I have also experienced abrupt shifting and gear slipping when accelerating, especially in low gears. My dealership replaced my transmission last year however the problem persists. I’m stumped!

So has the pcm been replaced? There is a tsb on this problem, and the problem is highly probable wrong pcm, however there has been one fix with this code that did not involve pcm replacement. That was the trans pressure regulator.

See if the part number of your ECM is on the list at the bottom of this document:


The ECM is located behind the glove compartment, small metal box with a B&W label.


I can’t access the document you directed to. Can you copy and paste on a reply or send another link? Will the EMC on all recalled Vibes be replaced or only those with a specific manufacturing code?


I did not look this particular problem up but I will advise that you do not get confused over the differences between Recalls, TSBs, and Campaigns. This comment is only made due to your referencing this as a safety recall.

Recalls mean that any repair will be free of charge to you.
TSBs generally mean there is only a technical service bulletin is sent out to the dealers about a particular problem, change in this or that, etc. These are sent out in droves.
A Campaign is a voluntary PR Recall of sorts by the car maker that is subject to time and mileage constraints.

I have a 2006 Vibe purchased at about 30k miles. This summer we noticed some rough shifting when the car first started and kind of a ‘wind-up’ toy sound. We received the ‘recall’ in Sept2010 about the PCM, which mentioned ‘harsh shifting’ as one of the symptoms of a failed PCM. The letter mentioned possible dangerous conditions, so we decided to park the car, that our kids normally drive. The car was purchased for our teens. After waiting and calling the customer service number for Pontiac for three months, I finally got tired of waiting and took the car in to an authorized GMC dealer to see what was going on. To my suprise, and consternation they say the car needs a rebuilt transmission for $6500.00. My question is , could the PCM malfuntioning be responsible for the transmission failing at 57k miles? I was told ‘no’ by Mr. Goodwrench. The car has been with Mr. Goodwrench waiting for a response from the higher-ups at GM.

Ok - if you’re supposed to have any recall work done, then have it done - and then get out of there. $6500 for a transmission? Was that a typo? Are they going to gold plate it? I think that’s the “the sales department would love to show you our new…” price.

I am not familiar with this recall. But if the car is covered under it, have the work done. Then if the car isn’t shifting well, take it to a reputable, local, independent transmission shop.

I would think you can also take it to a Toyota dealership, since the Vibe is the Toyota Matrix.


Click on the link and follow the instructions. If your car is not listed in this database, there is no recall.

That was the price quoted. After a week sitting waiting for the upper management at GM Customer service, they said they would give me $500 off parts and $500 off labor. I told them I’ll wait for the class action lawsuit. After noticing the number of vibes with transmissions replaced ( some twice!), I think they might have one coming. There seems to be a number of failues due to this PCM( which the official recall is not out), or a pressure solenoid. The car is back with a local mechanic. He thinks he can rebuild my transmission for <$1500. So much for the new GM. I also checked with Toyota on their equivalent recall for the matrix. Our local dealer said they completed it months ago.

GM had to wait for parts from Toyota, who controls the parts system for the Vibe and Matrix. GM sent a letter to their dealers in early December stating that they would not have enough parts to replace all the PCMs until mid-January 2011. Toyota is the one messing with your replacement schedule. If you want to take issue with GMs choice of a partner, that’s OK. But blame Toyota for keeping the parts from you.

Also Toyota isn’t giving their own customers preferential treatment.
I got a letter stating a replacement PCM for my Matrix won’t be available until mid Jan.

I took CarolG’s word for it that Toyota was providing prompt service. I guess she’s wrong on that count, too.

Hey, All I know is what I was told by my local dealer ( We have a Prius we service there). I’m not so much ticked off with GM about the recall, but the lack of an answer to my original question, which was: could a defective PCM lead to a damaged transmission that would fail at 57k miles? If that is true then I believe GM should repair my transmission. I also believe GM, Honda, Toyota should stand behind their vehicles. But I believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy too.

I have a 2007 Toy0ta subject to the same recall, and have received a letter to that extent. The next letter is supposed to tell me to make an appointment with the dealer. So far nothing. The car has been flawless since I bought it in February of 2007. If it starts acting up it will be in the dealer’s shop right away, and will request a loaner until it’s fixed.

I have this same problem…'06 Vibe. Bought new. I pull a little garden trailer with this car. It has always done just fine. Rarely a hugely heavy load but occasionally a load of compost or topsoil or my 700 lb motorcycle. Never had a problem. Earlier this year, pulling the trailer empty, going up a couple hills, the car shifts into passing gear a couple times while climbing and the CEL came on (code 0741) shortly thereafter. A friend that’s a mechanic said to always turn off the overdrive when pulling my trailer…so I have and so far, it hasn’t done it again with the trailer. I went to GM and had the PCM recall done to make sure that wasn’t the problem. Drove a short out of town trip this weekend - no trailer. I was using my cruise control. Going up a hill with cruise, the car shifted into passing gear. Then I noticed my CEL on again, same code. It stayed on for the trip over and back. The next day, I drove to the store and the light was off.
Any idea what this problem is?

My mechanic here in my town was ahead mechanic for Toyota. He told me that although the vibe is essentially a Toyota Matrix GM wanted to use their own ECM. He had someone bring in a Vibe with the problems you all are talking about. He was getting nowhere until he decided to check the ECM his way. While the car was running he tapped on the ECM and the car would stumble. He said he replaces the ECM with a corresponding ECM from a Matrix ( Toyota’s ) problem gone!

Will this be on my dime or will Toyota take care of it? Do you know? I will call my Toyota dealership tomorrow. Thank you.

I dought Toyota will do anything. I would be looking at local boneyards or on the net for one.
( ebay ) I just glanced over there and they can be had for around $99.00 shipped just make sure it is for your year and tranny. ( manual or auto. )

The PCM is under a Federal emissions warranty for 8 years or 80k miles so that should be a consideration.

It’s also possible that if the vehicle has exceeded either one of those 2 criteria that a request for a Good Will warranty could be placed and the cost covered that way.