Oxygen sensors for 2001

The engine light came on and my mechanic says I need to replace both. True? $700?

$700 is cheap for a Volvo C70. I’d pay it.

Or you could get an estimate from another independent mechanic. It might save you some money.

Maybe $650? If you’re lucky.

You drive a Volvo. Everything costs money. Stop complaining.

I suspect Volvo uses standard Bosch sensors which normally sell for $70-$100 each…Installing them, well, that can be a completely different story…For a company that prides itself on design prowess, $500 labor to change 2 sensors is almost comical…

I don’t know - sounds insane to me. But its a Volvo - they might have to take the whole engine out to replace them.

But here’s the most important thing - what has led your mechanic to this conclusion? The O2 sensor may be the biggest “whipping boy” of all parts. Is your check engine light on? (Apparently). Find out from the mechanic what the exact error codes are and post them here. FYI: the computer that reads the error codes CANNOT tell you that a part is bad. Many mechanics seem to think so. Many an O2 sensor gets replaced only for the owner to find out that their problem remains.

Find and report your codes. Get another opinion.

I see. So if you post a question, someone tells you to stop complaining. Is that it?

i also have this 2010 Volvo C70 Oxygen Sensor that i bought for about $650 not including the shipment fee. That was the most cheaper price that i saw for an oxygen sensor.