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Owners Manual

I recently purchased a 1967 Porsche 912. I must admit she is everything I had dreamed about since I first saw one as a youth. You only turn 40 once so why not I figured. At some point between when I viewed her prior to the estate sale and got her home from the auction the Owners Manual grew legs and walked away. Where can I find vintage manuals and in the mean time is there a place to grab one off the interwebs? Googlebox seems to be of little help in this matter.

They aren’t cheap, but neither is/was the car - <a href=“”>Click here.

That’s great - nice car. You’ll have a ball with that ride, no doubt. is a great resource for Air Cooled VWs but they also have a forum for AC Porsches. You may be able to score stuff (hardware but also manauls) for it there.

Lots of owners manuals on eBay…

It is not the right manual for your car, but it would not only provide you with some fun reading, you will also find out a lot of information applicable to your car.

<i>"How to keep your VW alive, A step by step manual for the complete idiot. "</i>

@ Joe Guy

Perfect! I will be placing my order today. Odd that no one has taken the effort to scan one and made it avaliable on collectors sites.


The author of How to Keep Your VW Alive was the late John Muir.
This info might help you to locate the book, which has been out-of-print for many years.

I agree with Joseph that the book is a great aid to owners of air-cooled VWs, but I’m not sure how applicable it would be to a Porsche 912. In any event, it is fairly interesting to read, as it was written by one of the architypical hippies of the '60s.

For VDCdriver. You are correct. I was thinking of just the old air cooled Porsches. I hope I did not confuse anyone.

That’s a fun book to read, even if you don’t own an ACVW. They may be out of print but I’ve seen dusty copies at some of the arger book stores, though.

How about joining PCA in your area? It’s members are a wealth of information and you will probably find a member who has all kinds of lit available. Plus, they have some great activities (gosh, I sound like an ad and I’m not even a member).