Owner Manual for UK Car

I own a Volkswagen vehicle purchased in the UK, therefore with the driver on the right side. I lost my owner manual and want to purchase a used one and am wondering whether there is an actual difference between manuals for UK cars and ones with the driver on the left?

Thank you

Just a guess, I would think an owners manual would be available online. Another guess is the right hand drive models share the same owners manual as left hand drive models, though dash layout will be reversed.
However, UK models may have slightly different environmental controls but again another guess.

You don’t say where you are - US or UK . As Purebred says a web search should find a free owners manual for what ever year your VW is . A trip to a VW dealer would get you a list of service that you should do and they might even order a new one for a reasonable price.

It’s not uncommon for Euro-spec vehicles to run different engines than their USA-spec variants. You’ll also often find all sorts of oddball things changed based on where it was sold, from interior trim to full systems. Sometimes the available equipment is different for the US, European, Canadian, and Japanese markets.

A guy in my old car club was trying to put the best of everything in his 90’s Honda. He had to source from Canada for the seat heaters and leather interior, Japan for the glass roof and engine/transmission, and Europe for the power windows and some other bits.

So, yeah, there are probably differences beyond just where the driver sits between your VW and a USDM VW, and that would be reflected in the manuals.

Try downloading it here:


Canadian Honda CR-V’s get the same owners manual as the US market but there’s a few features that are only on Honda CRV’s for Canada. Heated windshield among others. Dad got tired of reading about features in the manual that weren’t on his '19 CRV Touring