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2010 Volkswagen Routan - Manual

I bought a 2010 VW Routan a few years ago it didn’t come with an owner’s manual, my fault for not checking. Can I use a 2010 Dodge Carvan owners manual for this car?

No, you can’t. Go to VW’s website. I believe you can get a PDF of the manual form there.

This is a joke is it not ? They are two different vehicles .
A simple web search for ( 2010 Volkswagen Routan owners manual ) will get you one for free.

I looked on their website and didn’t see a PDF, just a way to order the paper copy for $50, not bad, just looking to save some money.

Is this a joke? Are the Chrysler Town and country and a Dodge caravan different vehicles? Yes technically, but under the hood they’re the same.

But you did not ask about two basically identical vehicles . You would not use a Ford manual for a Chevrolet product would you.

No I did, the Routan was made by Chrysler.

The headlights and tail lights are different but the maintenance, fluid capacities and basic features should be the same for all three Chrysler/VW minivans.

Thank you!

Byron did you find a manual? I need one and don’t really want to pay $50!

I did, unfortunately I’m on vacation right now until the 2nd, and it is saved in my computer at home. If you send me your email address I can send you the PDF, on Thursday. It’s an owners manual for a Dodge caravan, that worked well enough for what I needed to do. I have since gotten rid of my routan for a Honda Odyssey. I don’t miss that routan, seemed to be more headaches than not.

A Dodge manual, that’s a great idea! I just found one online so no need to send - thanks for the tip!