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If you have a spare $2.2 mil.

Yes…and then some.

More than overkill. And, as us usual, I’m sure that someone with more money than brains will buy one, disregard any advice to learn how to deal with that much power, and promptly go out and kill themselves.

A Miata would be more fun.

Luxury cars used to pioneer technology that soon found its way into more mundane production cars. At this level, we don’t get any new ideas; just more power and luxury. Like automatics, power steering, self-starters in Cadillacs, etc. and soon became standard or available on lower priced cars.

The electric car business is a good example how new technologies are tried out for wealthy folks, and the development will eventually yield affordable and practical electric vehicles.

I’m sure some sheik has a dozen on order… and I ain’t kidding!

If you have to go 290 mph, there are far more practical and more economical ways to do it.

I’ll buy two when I win Powerball on Wednesday. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

^^ If only you could pull up to the valet with those to show off :smile:

The thought of one of those in the hands of a valet is scary!

I'll buy two when I win Powerball on Wednesday. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I’m NOT going to buy a ticket…and if you calculate it out to 5 decimal places…we both have 0.00000% chance of winning.

we both have 0.00000% chance of winning

The Lotto is a tax on folks who can’t do math… :wink:

But you could sure buy a LOT of very interesting cars for the price of this ONE car!

I’m not a big fan of gambling in general.
But at some point, the potential outweighs the expense.
For me, when they get to $400M+, I’m willing to risk a few bucks for the infinitesimal chance of winning a whole boatload of cash. At least I actually do have a chance… :wink:

The chance of wining the lottery is 50/50–You either win or you don’t.

Sorry to say, that BD-5 topped out at 212mph. Even a Veyron would beat that! :wink:

I went 350 mph several times and was paid to do it. Commercial airliners are much faster but most times I had to pay and did not get to sit up front.

shadowfax, that looks like a BD-5J.

You’re right! I didn’t look closely enough. There’s a rare bird.

I’m one of the most frugal people on the planet and will squeeze a penny until it’s bleeding and asking for mercy but if I was a gambler (which I’m not) and won the Powerball the purchase of a Veyron would be something I’d sacrifice my frugality for.

I’d also have to have that Aero Commander in the pic posted by B.L.E. I’m a massive fan of those aircraft.

Was that little jet a Bede ?