Overheating Nissan

My 1992 Nissan Primera 2.0 slx is overheating, probably on its last legs. First time this happened the radiator overflow tank seemed low so I topped it up with glycol and added some leak plugger to the radiator for good measure. The car drove just fine for 20-30km then it happened again. At the same time, and I don’t know if this is relevent, the winderscreen defroster, which should bleed warm engine air, now only gives cold.

I’m saving my pennies for a new car so I don’t want to put any money into this one. But it would help if I can nurse it along a bit longer. Any suggestions what I might do?


You need to fully fill up the system and check it for leaks.
If there’s a burst hose, topping up the cooling system isn’t going to help much until you fix the source of the leak.

Also, your heater vents aren’t giving hot air because your cooling system is low on coolant.
The heater core is part of the cooling system, and needs to have coolant flow through it in order to provide heat to the windshield and cabin.


You have to fill the entire cooling system, not just the overflow tank. Open the radiator cap and fill the radiator all the way. There may be an air bleed valve somewhere, too. If there’s air trapped in the cooling system it won’t work correctly and neither will your heater. You’re not getting warm air at the defroster because there isn’t enough coolant in the system. Fill it up.