Big problem and I need advice

I was driving down the road when my 2004 jetta gl 2.0 started to over heat. My car was over heated. The fluids were boiling and I lost heat. Even when my car is running and I’m putting antifreeze in my car I still get no heat. I changed my thermostate. So thats not it. So what do you think it could be???

It’s time to get it to a mechanic. There are too many things for a non-mechanic to check: radiator fan, coolant level, water pump, coolant blockages, internal or external coolant leaks, etc.

For future reference, a car that is working properly does not need coolant to be added. (Let’s call it coolant as it does a lot more than prevent freezing.)

First step is to check the engine to determine what if any damage has been done to the engine. Next you find out why it needed coolant. Cars don’t “use” coolant, they “loose” coolant.

“Even when my car is running and I’m putting antifreeze in my car”

[b] Don’t drive a car that is loosing coolant. Doing so can cause a lot of expensive damage.

Don’t drive a car that is over heating, doing so can cause a lot of expensive damage. [/b]

There is a long list of possible problems. Any good mechanic knows the likely problems and most can be checked without too much trouble, but some take special tools or experience to test properly.

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Where is the coolant going? You can only add so much, and if your constantly adding coolant, it must be going somewhere. Any evidence of leaks? Is the exhaust white and puffy? We need more info.

There may be an air pocket in the heater core. You must bleed all air from the cooling system for it to work properly. When the engine warms up the hoses going to the heater core should be hot. if they are not the coolant is not circulating through the core, and if there’s no coolant in the core there will be no heat in the car.

Have you determined the cause of the overheating?

Water pump or baked up lines.

oops… Water pump or backed up lines. But most likely the water pump