Car lost coolant. Don't know where. Nissan B13

I love my car despite it being old. Today, i check my radiator and seems someone just drank almost all of the reserve fluid. I open the radiator and i need to pour about 500ml of deionized water (didn’t have coolant around). Was supposed to go out at night so checked and now i feel utterly sad (did i say i love my old car?) Car has never overheated so far.

Fans seem to work.

Coolant looks clean.

Exhaust dripping water droplets as engine warms up but tip not oily.

Both upper and lower radiator pipes hot though lower pipe a little less.

AC works fine.

I live in hot climate.

Heater does not blow hot air at all. Miserable cold winter. Can’t smell coolant inside though.

Last week temp guage showed a little cooler (AC blowing, hot outside, city traffic) than the usual optimum temperature for a couple of days.

I’m stumped and so are others with similar problems., Please help.

Check your oil dipstick and filler cap to see if the oil looks normal or milky. If it’s milky, that’s where the coolant is doing.

The lack of heat probably means that you have air trapped in the system. You’ll have to bleed it out. The experts here can probably tell you how to do that if you want to do it yourself.