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2017 Hyundai Elantra - Overheating warning

dashboard reads engine is overheated

Start by checking the coolant level. When was the last time it was replaced/the cooling system flushed? How many miles on the car? Do you do a lot of highway driving? What does the radiator look like? Clogged with bugs? If all that checks out move on to the thermostat.


Unless he drives a LOT coolant should not need to be done yet as it is 3 years old . The only thing it could be is either stat is sticking closed or the cooling . fan is never coming on when the temperature is raising for some reason . Or it has developed a leak somewhere and coolant level is low . Should be able to look at the overflow tank and see if it is in the normal range .

Dashboard is saying, Stop Driving The Vehicle!


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Additionally, if the OP bought this 3 year old Hyundai as a new vehicle, and as long as he hasn’t driven more than 100k miles, the current problem is very possibly something that would be covered by the mfr’s Powertrain Warranty. If there are fewer than 100k miles on the odometer, he should have it towed to a Hyundai dealership for diagnosis and–very possibly–free repairs.


Another drive-by OP haiku fragment…


Either an electronic glitch or the engine is fried by now…

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For the OP’s sake, I hope that it is the former, and that it is covered by warranty.
If it turns out to be the latter, then it is entirely possible that the warranty won’t cover it because of Owner Negligence.

Hopefully the OP stopped driving it before the engine got fried.

My Corolla was 3 years old when I bought it with 58k on the odometer. Depending on who you ask, coolant should be changed as often as every 30k so the OP could well be due. And if the car has been running hotter than normal for a while (and yes, I’m speculating) that would shorten the life of the coolant farther. Regardless, the car is crying for help.