Overhead Reading Light Console

The left side light bulb on the overhead reading light console is burned out. How do I remove the lens or open the cover to replace this bulb? Thanks, Dan

They have been making the Grand Caravan since 1987. In that time there have been 5 major versions released. When was yours made?

Dan…look along the edges of the lens cover…do you see any little notches like on devices that have a notch for a coin or screwdriver to insert and pry? If no…then see what you can take off around it maybe you will be taking off the screws that hold the entire overhead console …overhead? Cant be that difficult to fig out…

AS ALWAYS…I try to remind people that AUTOZONE has FREE ACCESS to the service/repair manuals for almost every vehicle known on their website…its a really, really nice resource…and its FREE which is amazing to me… I find it massively useful as I am sure you will too. It saves my bookshelf at home from total destruction due to collapse…Its supremely bogged down with repair manuals…No need for that anymore… There are times when you really NEED a book…in your hands…but when you are looking something insignificant up it is priceless…esp like me…when you just bought a vehicle to flip and will not be along term owner of said vehicle…that’s when it makes the most sense.

When you have a vehicle you have always wanted and know that you will live with for many years…Grab a physical book by all means… But the website certainly has its place…

Just log onto the website… and join…for free. then you can view every repair manual for damn near ever vehicle known… It will have the info you are looking for.

Check it out: www.autozone.com

LOL…it drives me nutz too Shadowfax…No YEAR listed for vehicle…LOL… Oh my…


The owner’s manual will also tell you how to replace the bulb.