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Overflow pipes for petrol

I have filled up my new (2004) car twice. 1st time i put ?70 in and heard leaking so looked underneath and fuel was pouring out, cut long story short was told was overflow pipe and to only let nozzle click once. Filled up today, nozzled click and couldn’t hear any leaking. As drove of forecourt i looked behind and a puddle had formed of fuel, got hpme and saw leaking underneath. Dont think there is a hole in tank as morning after 1st fill up and 10miles of ‘leveling of’ gauged said i had full tank and got 500 miles out of her. any knowledge? It is a renault laguana 1.8 16v saloon 2004

Sounds like you’ve got a bad hose or broken weld somewhere, very dangerous, do not keep car in your garage until it’s fixed, soon.

There is no overflow pipe. Many cars do have a drain hose from the fuel door compartment that drains any fuel that splashes out of the filler while you are filling it.
It sounds like you have a hole near the top of your fuel tank. If you drive this car anywhere, it should be to a mechanic, but you should have it towed instead.

Make mine another voote to have the car towed to a shop and repaired.

The leaking fuel is creating a potential flame path directly to your gas tank, and should a source of ignition light it up when the tank is 1/2 empty it’ll blow you to kingdom come. This car IS dangerous.