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Overfilling the gas tank

I recently filled my tank to the max where I could see the gas at the brim - after all, I hadn’t seen gas that cheap for years - $1.72 a gal. When getting back on the highway, driving 60-65, the car hesitated at times, slight, but you could feel it. After using about 3/4 of a gal, based on how many miles I went, I stopped, unscrewed the gas tank cap, waited a minute, put it back on, and resumed my trip. It hesitated once more, but as I continued on, it didn’t happen again. Does filling your tank to the max cause these kind of problems because of a lack of air in the tank?

Overfilling is a very big “no, no.” Don’t do it. You will damage the vapor recovery system and cost yourself a pile of money.

With an electric fuel pump, fuel injection and a properly operating vent, I doubt it.