Damaged Vapor recovery system?

how can you tell if your vapor recovery system is faulty? I cannot fill my gas tank unless I very slowly put gas in. It takes forever to even put in a few gallons. I think the vent is plugged or I overfilled the tank and got gas in the canister. Any info would help

That happens so easily with '55 Packards.

Seriously, yes, you have a problem with your vapor recovery system. Yes, it’s possible that you saturated the charcoal bed, although I’d expect other symptoms too. It’s also possible that your vapor return from the fill pipe edge to the tank is plugged or the line kinked. Do you have any other problems? Do you “'top off” your tank when the handle clicks off?

If we knew you cars’ make, model, year, and mileage we could be even more help.

“If we knew your cars’ make, model, year, and mileage we could be even more help.”

Amen, brother!

Also–Has the OP been in the habit of forcing more gas into the tank after the pump clicks “off” the first time?

So many questions, so little information!

Hint: Those questions about putting more gas in after the it clicks off the first time, are a way of telling you that doing so can cause the problem you are seeing.

Adding more fuel after the first time it clicks off generally means you are overfilling the tank. No need to top off the tank. You don’t get a quantity discount.