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Over tighten bolts on starter and ruined threat

Hey I’m new to this but I need advice. I unfortunately ruined the threats on my starter. I believe they bolt to the engine block. Is there a way I can fix this or I have to get a whole new block.
I have a Honda Civic 1998 dx 1.6L automatic.

You can use a thread inset such as a Heli-Coil or similar to repair it. They sell these online and at the auto parts store. They should include a drill bit, a tap to make special threads for the insert, the inserts, and a tool to install them. They usually don’t include a tap handle. You will, of course, need a clear path the the damaged bolt hole for the drill and tap. Find a video and watch how its done. Good Luck


Will I have to take down my transmission? Things is I just put it back just wondering is I can fix it with the tranny on but I think not?

Parts stores sell thread restoring kits.

These kits don’t cut new threads. But instead roll the damaged threads to their original shape.



Thank you so much for your advice and quick answer guys. Hopefully I can fix it because if it was a very difficult task my dad would have killed me