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Bad wrench

The person I paid to replace the starter, made a mess of it. Cross threaded the top bolt. The next guy I hired showed up once and pointed out what the first guy done, and he has not returned. Since then I watched the YouTube tutorial, it seems like a hard but not impossible fix, but now that it has been cross threaded, I’m not sure?

So what happens when you try and start your truck?

The starter is not engaging, and the second guy handed me a bolt with the metal in the threads

A helicoil might work,for long enough

If the second mechanic already removed the bad bolt, why not remove the other bolt to drop the starter and take it to any auto parts store and they will test the starter.
If you do this, be sure to remove the negative battery cable from the battery, so you dont short out the system.

While the starter is out you should be able to run a tap through that bad hole and cut hew threads.


The bolt hole is in a really awkward place

Have you used these?

I have used a Helicoil some time ago to fix a stripped caliper bolt hole. It does work as advertised. Just make sure you purchase the correct size kit. It is relatively easy to use, provided you have easy access to the stripped hole. In your case I would think it it rather complicate given the limited access. You may have to use a wrench, instead of a drill to turn the tab. I actually found it easier to use a wrench because it gave me a better feel/feedback as I turned the tab.

If the OP is unable to turn the tap with a drill because of limited access, how does the OP drill the hole so it can be re-tapped?


good point…

Edit: Perhaps an Angle Drill Attachment would help if there is sufficient space.

You mean something like this?

Well, if there’s access to the hole to drill it with this tool, couldn’t it be used to re-tap the hole with same tool and a drill?


That problem can probably be fixed without much trouble, but it is probably not something you want to try yourself. Take your car to the local auto-machine shop and ask them. They have the needed experience and tools so It’ll probably be a simple 20 minute job for them to fix.

BTW … you’ve learned your lesson about that first repair shop, right? Find a better one.

yup, something like this. With the starter removed it should be possible to fit this thing into the space. It’s still not an easy job, but maybe doable. It’s a cheap try, considering those things only costs $25-$40.

Edit: When I prepared the stripped caliper bolt hole I didn’t even try to use a drill to tap the hole. I seen some guy once use a drill, but I felt more comfortable using a wrench and make slow progress, but a perfect thread. It doesn’t take much to overpower the drill and mess up that hole even more.

Angle drills are invaluable. I use mine a lot.

This tool is really good for things like running a tap in a tight space once the hole is drilled. I use this one often too. This one shows a hex mandrel, but they can be purchased with a round or square mandrel too. Adapters are also available.

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I have ground the hex on a bolt down enough to allow inserting it through the back of the bell housing and then fastening the starter with a nut. The result was more secure than using a helicoil.