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Over Heating VW

My Daughters Beetle is Over heating. When the idiot light comes on I popped the hood

and the cooling fans ARE NOT runing.

I did a quick electrical test on the fans

and the coupler according to the Haynes

repair manual. The Thermo control switch is


Before I replace it I want to make sure. The Fans should be running when the

engine runs Hot

What year NB? Gas or Diesel? VW had a run on bad temperature sensors. If that is it, the fix is easy and cheap. In your case it may be best to just replace the thermostat sensor.

There are other possibilities however and some are expensive. No matter how expensive they are, not correcting your current problem will be more expensive.

1999 New Beatle gas engine 2.0 5 Speed manual
Where is the Temp sensor Located and can I Bypass it to eliminate it?

If the switch is not working why are you going on the internet to ask if you should replace it?