2004 Volkswagen Jetta overheating

both fans stopped running.car is over heating temp sensor is new

Not good.

Yup, that will happen

Since you didn’t ask a question, I’ll assume you want to know WHY this is happening? It is likely the fan relay has failed or the fans themselves quit (odd that both would quit at the same times) or the wiring was damaged. Or maybe even the temp sensor was not reconnected after replacement, or it’s the wrong sensor.

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There may be more than one temp sensor. Used to be anyway: one for the temp gauge or warning light; another for the engine computer and/or fan relay.

Often you can find out if the fan relay is the problem by taking an identical relay from some other non-critical circuit and putting it in place of the questionable fan relay. Cars often use several of the same model of relay and some have a spare relay in the box.

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