Over heating Durango

I have an '01 Durango 4wd 4.7 engine… It is has been over heating lately and I realized one if the clamps on the radiator/coolant hose was stripped and the hose was sucking major air. I replaced the clamp, filled the coolant reservoir, and went to bleed the air out but coolant isn’t going through the hose. It was really smokey and bone dry so now I’m confused >.<" any help/suggestions please?

If you are trying to bleed the system with the hose on the radiator that comes off the thermostat and are not getting any coolant flow after the engine comes up to normal operating temperature, that tells me the thermostat is stuck closed or the internal fins on the water pump are bad or slipping on the pump shaft. I would change the thermostat first. You should test the new one by putting it in a pot of boiling water and make sure it opens. You can also check the old one this way. I always do this when replacing a thermostat to make sure it is good.

I JUST had the thermostat and radiator hose replaced in March >.<" … I’ll try that and see what happens. Thank you doll.