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1999 Durango overheating

My 1999 Dodge Durango 5.9L started overheating last summer ?08, I never let the gauge redline, and figured it was due to the unusual heat here in the Pacific NW as well as me running the A/C full blast.

Had no problems from Fall-Spring.

This summer, it started overheating once again, and again I kept it from redlining.

I noticed that there was some slight dripping from the water pump so; I tore into the engine to replace the water pump along with the thermostat and radiator cap.

Nothing seemed to change.

Checked all of the hoses, they were a little dirty inside, but easily washed out.

** when I replaced the thermostat, the old one had about a teaspoons worth of ?grit? on top of it of the same consistency as was in the hoses.

Everyone I have talked to said the radiator was probably plugged, it also had some light but numerous dings, and so I opted to just replace it.

Installed the new radiator, and all seemed to go good for about a week and a half.

But now the temp has been rising once again. I?ve been careful to keep it under 240 degrees.

The radiator has vertical side tanks, so getting a visual on the flow is near impossible.

After letting the engine idle awhile I noticed the upper radiator hose was hot to the touch, and the lower hose felt just lukewarm.

This is getting painful in the wallet as well as my head!

The problem might be with the fan cluch. The next time the engine is good and hot, turn of the engine, open the hood, and try spinning the fan by hand. If the fan spins one revolution or more, the fan clutch is defective.