Over Heating - 2004 Mazda

My question is about a 2004, six cylinder Mazda MPV with 74,000 miles on it. Ten minutes after it is started, the temp gage maxes out. It has been taken to the dealership and to independent mechanics. The thermostat and heat sensor, have been replaced. Diagnostics have been run and report no problems and the engine has been flushed out yet the problem remains. Can you think of some little valve or hose or intake that might have been missed that is causing the problem. This is my friend?s, daughter?s car and he did not know if the car was actually getting hot, i.e. popping and cracking sounds, or if the gage was just saying it was hot. Any ideas would be appreciated. Does that year, make, model have any unique problems?

Thanks, Claxon

reverse flush the radiator
check the radiator cap
check the bottom radiator hose for being too tight

Are there any exhaust gases present in the antifreeze?

Does this car have a specfic bleed procedure? Iam thinking air in system. Try using one of those infra-red thermometers (the kind you just aim at the point you want to know its temp) Aim it at different points on the radiator and where ever else you can get a reading. Have you done the old fashion hands on the upper lower hoses test?