Burp or bleed a minivan?

My Mazda MPV had never overheated until I replaced the radiator. The old radiator had a few small leaks, became one big leak, the new one builds pressure enough to have thrown the cap easily 15 feet into the air when I disobeyed the “do not open when hot”. With the cap off, the temp is beautiful, with it on it overheats almost immediately. Do I just have air in the coolant passages? if so how do I burp or bleed them fastest? I did not touch the thermostat, but could it cause this nonsense? I want to fix this right, sell it and buy the econoline I wanted in the first place, so the redneck fixes as for my pickup are out of the question. Thanks.

This is not a hydraulic system. You can’t fix the problem by bleeding or burping the system to rid the fluid of air (foaming) and excessive pressure.
I think you may have filled or added an inappropriate coolant for your Mazda. Go see if you have the original container and make sure the fluid was right for your car.

If you had the work done, just bring it back.

air in the cooling system will cause an overheat issue and must be removed.give me the year and engine size and i will lookup any procedures that mazda has and let you know how its done

1992 mazda MPV, 2wd, 3.0l V6, thanks greatly.

I know I added the wrong fluid, filled with tap water to check function and test hoses, but do you really think boiling point and pressure are that much higher with the green or red stuff?

tap water is fine. otherwise follow the instructions on the bottles of coolant you buy.

no procedure found. if the thermostat is located in the lower radiator hose try this-with a cool engine remove the upper hose from the radiator and poor coolant into the hose untill full. put it back on and fill the radiator. if the t-stat is located on the top you can disconect a heater hose and the fill the radiator untill coolant comes out of the heater hose. either way this should get 90% of the air out

Thermostat is on the lower hose, and the upper hose is easy to reach. I’ll try it as soon as I can shut down this computer. Thanks very much.

I just filled the upper hose with garden hose, then the radiator. Problem solved. Best repair tip I’ve gotten yet, best five minutes I’ve spent on this van. Let me know if you’re passing through Kalamazoo so I can buy you a cold beverage.
Thanks again