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Outside door handle replacement

I need to replace the outside door handle on my Sons 1992 Camaro that is hanging on by one end and requires great care and patients to open the door. I can find plenty of places to purchase the new handle however I can not find out if we will need to remove the inside door panel to remove the broken handle and install the new one. My Son will be coming home from college this weekend expecting dear old Dad to drop everything and help him put the new handle on so I would like know what I am getting into before he comes rumbling into the driveway!

You have to remove the inside door panel to replace the handle.


Thanks,now I know where to start.

Hey Doc, how many patients does it take to open the door on your son’s Camaro? You must be a doctor if you have patients. Or perhaps you’re a psychiatrist.

Either way, you need a service manual for a 1992 Camaro, which will show you, your patients, and your son how to replace the outside door handle on this car.

Maybe with a little patience you won’t need all those patients to help you, and maybe the handle just needs to be tightened, not replaced.

If it makes you feel any better they’re not that hard to do at all.
Consider yourself lucky it’s a 3rd generation Camaro and you’re not having to wrestle an inner door pull on a 2nd generation Camaro. Most of those were hanging by a screw or lying in the back floor!

Just a caution here. You will need a door panel removal tool or a broad stiff putty knife and some Torx drivers. If my memory is not too fuzzy here, some of those Torx screws are fakes much like some on the center console and radio bucket. If you attempt to remove the fakes nothing will be accomplished except wallowing out a plastic fake screw head. The real ones should come loose very easily; if not, don’t force them.

Thanks for this very informative reply!
Any suggestions on where to find the door panel removal tool?