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Outback Leaking Gas Tank

Our mechanic says it takes an act of congress to replace this as tank (ie it’s really $$). Is there an easy way to do this or is there some sort of sealant we could use? The leak is apparently along a seam

If it’s on a seam, repair is impossible…See if you can find a salvage-yard tank…Google “used subaru parts” and go from there…

While I agree with Caddyman, you might try this product. I’ve not used it, but it might work:

So is it truly a pain in the ass to remove & replace??

If I recall correctly, the placement of that tank requires removal of some of the rear suspension, the rear axle shafts, the drive shaft, and the rear differential. Yes, this is quite a job.


I saw this stuff used on Monster Garage once. They were making a trike from a Peterbuilt engine and tranny and the guy that welded up the aluminum gas tank left lots of holes. It allegedly works great.

I think I’d try it myself in this situation.

I thought about this stuff, but getting it to work along a seam seems impossible. But in this case, ANYTHING is worth a try…

If that doesn’t work I fixed a tank that leaked due to scraping because of a steep drive approach by rubbing the spot with bar soap to stop the leak then using jb weld. Just checking their website to make sure it was ok with gas I saw this.


Pump the gas tank empty, one way or another…Jack the car up from one side, with the leak spot being high…Jack it WAY up and support the side of the car with multiple 4X4 posts so there is NO CHANCE of collapse. Get under there with power-driven wire brush and really get the area cleaned up. Make the last cleaning with MEK solvent. JB-Weld it and let it sit for 48 hours temperature above 70 degrees. heat lamps OK after first 2 hours but don’t over-due it. This MAY work and it may not as the gasoline will want to follow that seam until it finds a way out…