Fuel tank repair kits

Has anyone every used a fuel tank repair kit? I was looking around and fuel tank things and am curious. Here is an example.


Years ago, my brother tried using a fuel tank repair kit, and all that did was blow his butt over the garage. But that’s another story.

When a fuel tank starts leaking, it’s an indication it requires replacement. What do you do if a radiator starts leaking?



Pepper doesn’t work for gas tank leaks. Dang!


I saw a fuel tank repair “two part putty” used on the Monster Garage episode where they built a trike from a Peterbuilt. The tank had a less-than-good weld on the seams. The putty allegedly provides a permanent seal even with the tank wet, even dripping…no draining required.

I would never trust anything like that on a family car, except as a temporarry fix.

“Fuel Tank Repair Kit” = Replace the tank…

I read the instructions for this and it would only be worth it if you could not find a replacement tank. For example a very rare car or an antique. If I am going to go through the trouble to remove the tank I will put in a used rust free southern tank ,if available. If it is a puncture or gash that doesn’t involve a seam Napa has a epoxy pouch that will seal the bottom of a 60 gallon diesel tank that is leaking fuel. We used it on tractor trailers for years.

Very rare cars and antiques have the tank removed, repaired properly, and reinstalled.

It’s that epoxy pouch that I was referring to. The form they used on Monster Garage was a two-part putty. The say you can find it at any truck stop, but I’ve seen it at eth parts store too.

When necessary, I prefer this product line- http://www.por15.com/Fuel-System-Restoration/products/12/

Do you have any specific questions regarding the process?