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Outback in at least ten charatures

seriously? 10 caricatures?

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my understanding is that towing a Subaru that way will cause damage to the central differential. But that Outback looks to be in poor shape anyway.

I once saw a tow truck towing a tow truck, with the second one towing a bus. Both the second tow truck and the bus had their front axle lifted off the ground.

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That beat my post. Although the one I saw was driving down the highway at a good speed. Neither of those look to be roadable.

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The scary thing is that the first picture appears to be being driven on a public road that isn’t part of a parade…

And the front wheels appear to be barely on the ground, or perhaps off the ground. But look carefully, the lowest level truck has it’s ramp down so it’s not moving.

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Are the front wheels on that bottom rollback actually touching the pavement?

I think so, though it’d probably only register about 5 pounds on a scale :wink:

I agree with @shadowfax. The front fender on the largest rollback is a lot higher than the rear fenders. Compare them to the fenders on the smallest rollback with the car on it. I’m speaking in a relative sense, not absolute.

As to the ramps, would any of you get under the orange rollback to move them.? I wouldn’t.

The Outback on the dolly doesn’t appear to even be worth hauling anywhere. Rust seems to have eaten it alive and the tailpipe is dragging. Maybe it’s a parts donor…

The Cg on that “triple flatbed plus car” photo must be way out in the adjoining state!
I’ll bet the bottom one steers easily… but I’ll also bet it gives whole new meaning to the term “wind sensitive”. :grin:

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We don’t need no stinkin towtruck!

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Here’s how a REAL man tows:

That is something that I wish I had never seen, years of counseling needed now, I always thought you were a nice person, but I hate you now.:weary: did not flag you though (not really hate you but OMG)