Subaru outback / legacy wagon + hitching a trailer


is it is terrible idea to take a used subaru outback (say, 1996, with 175k) on the highway with a hitch and 4x88’ uhaul trailer attached to it - from the east coast to the mid-west?

what should i check beforehand? what should i look out for?


I think that it isn’t a good idea to tow with the Subaru all wheel drive system. Make sure that the towbar is level and not angled up or the weight will lift off the rear wheels when braking. Downhill is the worst time to have to use your brakes. A heavy load will make things worse. Shipping things by UPS is affordable. Books can be sent fourth class rate through the mail. That is the bargain that sometimes is missed. The mail is cheapest. Check the brakes, coolant and front end alignment. Check everything else too.


I disagree on Subaru’s being bad tow with. AWD is irrelevant. I know a few people who use them and have great luck including the WRX Automatic, Impreza and outbacks. The smallish Impreza is rated to 2700lbs towing with proper equipment.

That being said a 175k Outback can be pushed over the edge if its an automatic transmission. Manual tranny I would not worry too much about.