Our car was totaled

The Mercury Grand Marquis and the Ford Crown Victoria are the same car.

The last year they were made was 2011.



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Be sure to get all the compensation you deserve, not just for the car itself, but also for your injuries. And of course, even when the injuries are minor or superficial, it’s best not to let the insurance company know that until after a reasonable settlement has been offered. Otherwise, they will give you peanuts for the destroyed car, and claim that’s the best they can do. If you hold the specter of a personal injury claim over their head, suddenly they will agree to pay a fair price for your destroyed car, which would be a sufficient amount of money to replace it with another used car of similar age and condition.

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Did you know that your Crown Vic was just a bigger version of the Ford Pinto “Gas Bomb?”

Like the Pinto, the gas tank was installed behind the rear axle and in a high-speed rear crash; the gas tank was crushed and could exploded. It did not happen often but when it did, it made the news because it was usually a police officer stopped on the side of the road, with all their lights flashing and some idiot still managed to run into the police car.

I remember this because a co-worker’s uncle was a police officer and was killed when his patrol car was hit from behind and burst into flames. And he was stopped to provide assistance to a stranded motorist.

As has been advised, buy a newer vehicle with built in safety features…


Not quite the same, the Ford Panther platform placed the fuel tank in front of the trunk floor and behind the rear axle.

A high-speed crash can rupture the fuel tank but who stops on the interstate besides law enforcement?

Yeah i heard that back in day about the Crown Vic. Such a tragedy.

Thing is they blamed my mom for the accident because she was making a left turn. Insurance companies are the same all that matters to them is money. They gave us the kelly blue book and moved on. It’s a good thing i didn’t talk to them until i got out of the hospital, turns out as soon as they know where the car was towed to you have 3 days to get it released to them. Imagine if i told them where it was while i was lying in a hosptial bed hemorrhaging, that wouldn’t have matter to them one bit they still would have told me they are only paying for the next 3 day after that i have to pay.

Well of course they did . That is why many people use the 3 right turn method to avoid turning left in high traffic areas .

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I wrecked my VW on Friday night. By Saturday morning when I went to get my stuff out of the storage garage, the insurance agent said he already was getting bids on the car. Doesn’t take long.

You must be talking about storage fees, that seems reasonable, however you are not required to surrender your vehicle to the insurance company.

Insurance companies are in business to make money for their stockholders. Why wouldn’t money be all that matters to them?

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Yep, just like almost all of the 60’s and 70’s General Motors vehicles. GM just didn’t receive the same negative publicity.

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Back in my gas jockey days, I really hated having to fill the tanks of those cars. The filler–located behind the license plate–was placed so low that I usually had to kneel on the scorching hot pavement.

I suppose like Nevada you have to duck going through doorways. No sympathy here. Which is worse, short or tall? :grin:

Actually, I don’t. I used to be 5’11, and now I’m just 5’9" :face_with_diagonal_mouth:, but I’ve had lower back problems for most of my adult life, hence kneeling instead of bending to fill those very low GM gas tanks.

Sorry for your pain. I did 480,000 miles with the center gas filler. It was a good place to hide a spare key. Plus didn’t have to worry about what side of the gas pump to be on, or wait for a proper opening. Current car I actually went home to return later instead of waiting.

… until the spring to raise the plate broke. :smirk:
I was always amazed at how many fairly-new GM cars had “hidden” license plates because the owner had failed to replace the spring after it failed. But, as you stated, the one advantage of those center fillers was the ability to go to any gas pump.

i absolutely agree like i said that’s all they care about, having said that Allstate says in their commercials “You’re in good hands with Allstate” No you are not in “good hands” the stockholders are.