Other vehicles


How come you won’t include my “BMW R1150RT” ?


Because we have no idea what you’re talking about!!!


This radio show discusses more than just cars… For example-traffic safety, mileage, courteous driving, exaust pipes, gasoline octane, emotional attahcment to vehihles, spouses not liking your vehicle, trucks, and yet never,
But that’s O-K. If drivers just close their eyes and pretend we don’t exist we just don’t. We will be happy to be regulated to the back of the bus.
I’m starting to understand the Harley owner’s desire for loud pipes.


Because we don’t discuss boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, airplanes…etc

That’s why it’s called CAR Talk



Actually, if someone posts with a question about motorcycles and we can help we do so.

You do realize that Tom & Ray don’t visit this forum?


And tractors too ?


Include in what?


And lawnmowers. And for Maineacs we have a special this week on snowblowers.


what kind of snow blower would you recommend for a gravel driveway?


I believe you have had to much whine (the non alcoholic waaaa variety).

I have started “chain saw talk”. Please visit.


One that has an adjustable shield on the shoot so you don’t fire rocks at the house or other peoples property. And a plastic shoot/shield won’t last long on a gravel driveway until it freezes over.