Orrifice tube

I am changing my compressor and accumulator on my 03 Dodge Ram 4.7l but I can’t seem to find the orrifice tube location. Please help

The red arrow is pointing at it.



I don’t have any connections I can take apart. All my a/c lines are solid

You might have to replace the line itself.



What line is that so I can order it

It’s the high side line from the condenser to the evaporator…


The orifice tube is located in the liquid line, number 14 in the diagram.

So will I have to replace the whole line to change the office tube out

If there’s no fitting in the line to replace it, then yes.


Oh ok. I need to replace that to keep my warranty on my new compressor


They’re sticklers about that.


Found a fitting behind my intake filter. I took it apart but there was nothing inside the tubes

Was the compressor replaced because of a clutch issue, leaking, or was it flat trashed?

If trashed that leads to flushing the system out or a new orifice tube will plug up along with contaminating the new accumulator and compressor.

It’s been probably 30 years but I distinctly remember the mechanic pulling that device out and replacing it. Not the whole tube but just the device. I thought it was on top where the line went in, You might order a new line just to find out that part wasn’t included. But that was on my Olds 88.

The clutch was bad. I will have it flushed and recharged. But can’t seem to find where to put the orrifice tube

Look for a crimp or dimples in the liquid line, that is where the orifice tube is held.

The orifice tube is somewhere between the condenser and evaporator.

I’ve seem them located at the connection at the condenser and at the connection at the evaporator, and in between.


Can you dumb it down. Lol What’s the condenser and what’s the evaporator.
I’m new to doing my own work

I see the dimples but nothings inside there and my orifice tube doesn’t fit in there.

No offense, but I think your a little over your head. maybe its time to bring it to the pro’s.

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