Suburban Dual Air

Does a Suburban with duel air have more than one accumulator and orifice tube?

It only has one accumulator, but two orifice tubes. One for each evaporator.


Where are the two orifice tubes.

There in the high side refrigerant lines connected to the evaporators.


Thanks Tester,

Is the orifice tube for the rear evaporator under the hood or in the rear next to the evaporator?

You guys have this one wrong. The front AC runs off an orfice tube but the rear runs off an expansion valve.And the expansion valve is right below the rear evaporator.

My book says you have to remove the battery, battery tray, air filter housing, right front tire, and right front inner fender well to get to the orifice tube. Is this correct?

Your not helping out by not giving the year,you did not have to do all that on 2001 and earlier,what’s your year model? When you write to CarTalk we need to know the same information (if not more) than if you were at the parts counter.

1998 C1500 2WD Suburban 3GNEC16RXWG105570