Opinions on Dodge Grand Caravan Heat?

do you experience heat not warm enough in your vehicle

Nope, I have a 2016, this is my 4th Chrysler mini van . The interior is big compared to a sedan, it takes a while to warm up but when it does, plenty warm. Similar to all the other vans I had. (Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler now a Dodge)

What year is your van. How many miles, does the thermostat show normal range when it warms up. Are you losing coolant. With high miles the heat exchanger may be clogged. Have you ever changed the coolant, what other maintenance have you done?

No problem with 1999 Plymouth and 2007 Chrysler here in MN.

no heat problems with my Odyssey, the only times I had problems with heat in my old Town and Country was when there was a crack in the radiator and I lost coolant. My parents owned a Caravan back in the 90s, but I don’t remember how the heat was in that old beast…

What year and mileage on your Dodge, @patrick29?

Feel the heater hoses going through the firewall. Are they pretty hot?