Opening the fuse box

Hi: 2017 C-Max hybrid plug-in. What is the trick to open the engine fuse box? I’ve looked at cmax owners which confirmed that removing the engine fuse box lid is hard. Apparently the person there in the UK who succeeded is stronger than me, because I got nowhere in trying to get the lid off as he did. Carcarekiosk and fusebox info do not provide info on removing the lid. Any tricks to share? I do not want to disconnect the battery & use a breaker bar to “lift” the lid off. Car is still under warranty and all I want to do is ck continuity for fuse F20 horn. Tx.

Owners manual says
“Lift the release lever at the rear of the cover to remove it.”

you spoiled all the fun…
I was hoping for something like that, but in application to the fuse-box: