Oops wut happen?

Earlier today I came to a stop sign and then I started to go and all of a sudden the whole entire truck made a noise and all my antifreeze coolant came pouring out the exhaust what happened to my truck

It broke. If this is the truck I remember, it isn’t even worth the price of an oil change, much less the work I believe it will need.


Simple. Your engine developed a sudden massive breech between the cooling system and the combustion chamber(s). My wild guess, and it’s only that, is that you cracked a cylinder. It’s impossible to get any more accurate from here.


You’ve discovered a new way to drain your cooling system at least :wink: Seriously, TSM above is correct, a path developed from the cooling system to the cylinders. It might be something simple, such as an intake manifold gasket problem. Or a cracked head. Or something in-between. Don’t try to start the engine until this is resolved, b/c you could have a hydro lock condition occur and severely damage the engine.