Is it to late COOLANT in ENGINE

2006 KIA SEDONA was running HOTT had it inspected and pressure tested (radiator shop & mechanic shop) no leaks found. A FEW DAYS AGO wouldn’t crank checked oil IT WAS MILKY, drained radiator. Also drained engine oil first a gallon of anti freeze came out then the milky oil. Hopefully optimistic that it’s not that serious. Am I wrong? what should I do next.

This is serious. The milky oil and anti freeze in the oil clearly points to a breached head gasket. This will require having the heads pulled, machined and replaced with new gaskets as a minimum. Not cranking is troubling, if you ran the car with anti freeze in the oil for some time the engine may be toast. I would get another mechanic, the one who checked it missed something. Check out Mechanics Files above for a recomended mechanic in your area to have them look this over. You may need to replace the engine. Best of luck to you.

That’s not good.

If there was that much coolant in the oil it means the rod and main bearings are probably scored.

Water/coolant is an excellent displacer of engine oil.

What should you do next?

Find a replacement engine or vehicle.


Surry, there is no good news to be found here.

When you say it wouldn’t crank, do you mean you turned the key to “start” and there was no rrr rrr rrr sound? Or do you mean there was a rrr rrr rrr sound, but it didn’t catch and start?

The no crank situation points to a seized engine.

New engine is in the stars for you.


Thanks to all whom helped with your comments

Your joking right? A GALLON of anti freeze in that engine along with the requisite 4-6 quarts of oil in the engine would put you almost exactly at DOUBLE the capacity of fluid in the crankcase. If the coolant got in there WHILE it was running you very well could have Hydro-Locked the engine from the bottom. My friend did JUST THAT TWO DAYS AGO in his Pontiac G6…He hydro-locked the engine from the bottom and snapped a Con Rod Cap…and thus…Destroyed his engine.

The reason you could NOT crank the engine…is BECAUSE of Hydro-Lock actually. The starter could NOT rotate the engine with that much liquid in the crankcase…the pistons didn’t have enough room to move because there was liquid where there used to be AIR. When you drained the crankcase of coolant and oil from the oil pan… I imagine you refilled both the engine and radiator? If so…what happened then? When you refilled the engine with the normal level of oil…you probably COULD crank the engine. The problem Is…Once you get the engine running…the coolant will begin to refill the crankcase and return you back to where you started.

Your engine COULD HAVE SURVIVED ALL OF THIS… You just need to take it step by step. I would re-drain the radiator and start the engine… If it starts and runs normally then you got lucky. if she runs…you need to find out where the coolant was finding a way into the crankcase.

If you overheated this vehicle the coolant is getting into the crankcase Via a Blown Head Gasket or Cracked cylinder head.

A REAL mechanic could save your engine if certain parameters were met prior to trying to save the engine… See if she runs…if it runs normally etc will determine if its a candidate for resurrection. If it runs fine…then the cylinder head gasket needs to be properly repaired and after that…It should be OK… All depends on the skill of the mechanic and or what state that motor is in… A good mechanic can figure all of this out for you. But he needs to know what he is doing. I have saved MANY an engine that had suffered the same exact condition you described here. If the engine fails the prerequisite tests then it IS time for a replacement engine. A Good Mechanic will be able to recognize whether he should proceed with trying to save this engine.