Loosing anti freeze and temperature guage flucuation

I recently hav a cooling system flushed a tuneup and a new exhaust system. Receieived the car back and now I noticed my temperature guage fluciates and i loose anti freeze. I did not have this problem before is it possible that replacing the exhaust system that they installed the wrong system and could be causing this problem. it ia a 1994 ford tarusus

A new exhaust system, by it self, can’t cause a coolant leak. They may have disconnected parts of the cooling system during the installation, and certainly during the flush, and perhaps something is not connected properly now.

Are the fans working? The fluctuation temp gauge suggests perhaps there are air pockets in the cooling system. All air should be bled out of the system. This should have been done after the flush, but it’s possible there is still some air in there.

How much antifreeze are you adding, and how often? Can you see any coolant leaks? Any coolant on the ground under the car when you park it?

well being a ford there was no way of burping the system. the fans work but when the guage is almost at H it just continues and does not stop unless I shut down. I added two gallons. I checked the oil and it is clear. if it was a blown gasket then i would of had compression problems and it runs fine. I am thinking along the lines something is not connected properly. However i noticed that the muffler appears alot smaller then the one they took off and I am thinking that perhaps they have constricted the heat flow if it is not the correct system

It seems to me you have a coolant leak, not related to the new exhaust. I would check all hoses replace the thermostat and go from there.

Two gallons? That’s a lot. How long ago did you have the work done?

Even if the muffler is too small and the exhaust is restricted you should not lose two gallons of coolant.

Are there any visible signs of coolant leakage, either under the hood or on the ground?

Did they install a new thermostat when they flushed the cooling system?

go back to the repair shop and have them fix the problems…

they replace the thermostat, temperature sending unit and radiator cap. this has been going on for two weeks and I been back and forth with the repair shop. no coolant leakage that I can see at all. I am figureing if the exhaust system is not correct the coolant may be evaporating under the heat. The shop is claiming i have a head gasket problem but agian i do not have a compression problem or see anything in the oil.

I intend to have them fix the problem but apparently they have lost some good mechanics I am doubting they have anyone that knows how to diagnose the problem

Two gallons in two weeks? That’s a HUGE coolant loss. Something is seriously wrong.

The coolant won’t “evaporate under the heat.” Forget this theory.

How do you know the compression is OK?

Please explain why the car went into the shop in the first place, and why it needed a new exhaust system.

The new thermostat may be faulty and that is causing the overheating. The other possibility is a bad head gasket. Have a block check done to see if that is the case.

Check he radiator cap first, then see previous post.