Problems with shifting after hub repair

Hello. I just changed my wheel hub and now my transmission wont shift. Please help.

Do you mean you can’t move the shifter out of park?

Or the vehicle won’t move in any gear?


I’m able to drive but won’t shift out of 2nd gear

Model year? Which wheel was the hub? FWD or AWD? DIY or was the hub replaced by a shop?

2005 Chrysler Pacifica. Front driver side. FWD. DIY

Hmm … so to replace the hub you have to remove the bottom connection for the strut, and some ball joints and tie rods right? But there was no axle/ transmission involvement, right? I mean other than to remove the end of the axle from the hub. hmmm … I’m thinking then maybe you accidentally dislodged the axle from the transmission when you pulled the hub off the axle splines. And it is now somehow binding. What do you think? Is that even possible?

Here’s another idea. There’s a problem with the wheel speed sensor for that hub. And that is somehow confusing the transmission computer. Have you checked for wheel speed sensor and/or transmission diagnostic codes? We’ve heard reports here of folks replacing hubs and having a wheel speed sensor problem develop, often b/c the hub they used wasn’t compatible with their wheel speed sensor.

I only took my tire, brakes, and hub off. No strut, ball joints, or the rods.

No computer to run diagnostics.

How do I find out if hub is compatible with speed sensor?

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2nd gear start is limp mode. some sensor is not getting proper input. scan trans codes for info i assume.

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I took new hub off and put back old one. Same problem. So I assume it’s not that the sensor is incompatible.

With the transmission in limp-in there will be fault codes in the TCM and the check engine light should eventually turn on.

So, the only thing you touched that touches the transmission is the axle. Did you have any trouble getting the hub off the axle?

Worked ok before? Co-incedence? Hmm

No trouble at all.

Yes worked fine before other than the grinding of the bearings. What could I have messed up

Then I’m thinking coincidence, too.

Bought scanner. Just ran codes.

Engine code: P0700 transmission control system(MIL request)

Transmission code: P0888 TCM power relay sense circuit

So the hub looks like this?

So the “hub” bolts to the hub ass’y using those four holes? The hub ass’y must be what attaches to the strut/ball joint/tie rod etc, right? On some vehicles the entire hub ass’y has to be removed from the strut etc b/c the part you call the “hub” has to be pressed off the hub ass’y on the work bench. Hopefully I’m using the common terminology mechanics use for the various parts.

So did your hub have those speed sensor connectors on it? Like the one in the photo above?

Yes looks like picture. Took off tire, brake assembly, then 4 bolts on back and 1 big nut with cotter pin in the middle to take off hub

P0888 code. Start there

I am no mechanic, so I don’t even know what that means or where to start. Checked fuses. All looks good.