One station won't come in until I turn the car off

So @MG_McAnick you don’t remember your Heathkit crystal radio set? Well, I do. I hadn’t thought about that in what? 60 years?

I think you have defined the problem. Can you temporarily disable the DVD system by pulling a fuse? You could test your theory.

Don’t worry about the cat, cats always look at you strange. All they care about is your thumbs, that can open cans and bags of food. You got thumbs, you are all right with a cat.

@wentwest I remember having a crystal radio. In fact I had a couple of them way back. One got only one station, the other was tunable to some extent. It still only got a couple of strong stations very well. I never had a Heathkit cat’s whisker of my own, but I remember my older cousin’s.

Yes, I have thumbs, and they are opposable. Remember Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoon where the cows couldn’t do whatever because they had no opposable thumbs?

See page 11/12 of the manual-

for the FM radio out frequency selection.

Yes @TwinTurbo, I see that, but like I said yesterday mine may be an earlier model. It doesn’t appear to have the touch screen. It has buttons on the bottom instead. I don’t know what the buttons do, but I know we’re on the right track. I sent an online request for info to the Vizualogic company, but have not heard from them yet.

You’ve got it. A little time and you will get the info you need. In the meantime, you might continue looking for the correct manual. Do the DVD screens pop out? Maybe there is a dial to change the frequency on the back, or maybe a dial on the back of the DVD player.

Press the Menu button 8 times and see if you get the channel select screen.

Well things have gotten pretty interesting here. When I thought that a on frequency signal was being generated in the car somehow I wasn’t thinking it was being done on purpose. It seems that you should be able to change the FM carrier frequency somehow even if your unit is an older model. You might need the remote control to get access to the settings control.

meanjoe75fan: I recall ignition circuit filters and shielded plug wires to counter EMI but that was in the stone age.

Well, I still have RPM-related problems with receiving a signal, but only on AM, and usually only with marginal signal strength.