Radio affected by bad brakes?

I had a tune up and was advised the car would be needing brakes soon. About a month later, I stopped getting reception on the two public radio stations I listen to. NO KIDDING. All other FM stations come in great. Can these two things be related?


Assuming that this question is not meant in jest, all I can do is to echo tardis’ response.

Same here.

Coincidence, nothing more.

The trouble with the reception may be due to a bad antenna connection. I think your vehicle may have an antenna preamp in the headliner and if so the trouble may be with it. You may also want to check to see if the stations reduced their power ouput for some reason so reception would be less. They may be doing some tower work.

Can you pick up this station on another radio??

No, they cannnot be related.

I liked Mike’s question. Perhaps the stations are no longer transmitting.

I appreciate the responses. it’s not a joke. I clearly get it that the breaks are not related but the two stations in question can be heard on any other radio and there has been no change in power that I notice. just cant get them in the car.
It seems as though I should check the antenna connection.

The trouble could be with the antenna system but there is most likely a problem within the tuner section of the radio causing the trouble. It would nice to know what the frequencies are that you are trying to listen to. If they are are on the lower or upper sides of the FM band then it isn’t a good sign for the radio.

It seems to be everything below 100 on the FM band. The stations I miss are at 89.3 and 91.9. Occasionally they work when I start the car but as soon as I travel a block or so, its solid static.

I think you may need to repair or replace the radio. It would be pretty hard to believe that something in the antenna system is causing that kind of trouble. You could try connecting another antenna to the radio and see what happens. Even using a 10 foot piece of wire would do for a test.

This is probably a shot in the dark, but some radios have a local/distance button to minimize interference on local stations. Is it possible that your radio has such a button and somehow it got pressed? Check your owner’s manual for the radio controls.

Thank you thank you thank you a thousand times. I didnt find the button you mentioned but I did get out the owners manual and research the radio. I have a DVD player that hadnt been used in a couple of years. Somehow a button in the DVD player was left on and as soon as I shut it off, my stations returned in full glory.
This is a small thing that has given me back my radio listening pleasure.
Again, thank you for taking the time to respond.

Interesting fix to this trouble. Good suggestion Triedaq.