Xj8 2001

can anyone tell me how this happened, my radio is on 1 station and I can’t change stations nor can I turn my radio off, if the antena is not going up all the way will this do it.

Thanks Chris

Some radios have a internal battery disc (same as your computer), used to remember station info when the cars ignition is off. The battery has to be replaced every 10 years. If that is your problem you should still be able to program in other stations while the car is running.

Thank You for your response, but I can’t do anything with it, it is on one station and will not switch to other stations, also the window where it tell the artist of the song is blank. I checked all the fuses but they are all good. so I’m lost


You are in need of the services of a sound system installation shop. It would be cheaper to replace a 9 year old system with a better, new, unit; than to try to repair “ole unreliable”.